The Red Dress
The Red Dress
Season 1
Episode number 6
Airdate January 15, 2011
Written by Scott Thomas & Jed Elinoff
Directed by J.B. Sugar
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"Nightmare Inn" "Ghostly Stare"
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"The Red Dress" is the sixth episode in season 1 of The Haunting Hour. It first aired on January 15, 2011.


A teenage girl named Jamie steals a red dress from a vintage shop called "The Raven's Chest," where the blind, creepy owner has a payment plan for those who choose to steal her merchandise.

Episode SummaryEdit

Jamie is a worker at a golf course and has a crush on a handsome member of the club, Zach. Jamie comes upon a mysterious store The Raven's Chest and steals a beautiful red dress from the creepy blind owner. She wears the dress at an exclusive dance to impress Zach. The blind owner of the store starts stalking her but Jamie doesn't give the dress back. As payment for the dress, Jamie wakes up the next morning and gets a call from a friend and she askes why it's so dark and her friend tells her it's morning and Jamie finds out she is now blind as she screams in horror and the blind owner gains her own eyesight back and says "everyone must pay".


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